Parking Pass Kiosk Troubleshooting

Common Issues

  1. If you purchased your pass online but did not print before arriving: Select “Print/View Pass” option and login. Login information is your email address that you submitted when purchasing the pass (username) and the password DEFAULTS to your phone number with area code, ex. 5556345789. You will also need to login if you are a RETURNING GUEST before the machine will allow you to purchase a new pass.
  2. The orange button labelled “Print Pass” does not actually print the pass. It will show you your pass and you will need to select the small printer icon in the top right of the screen. If you do not see a small printer icon, tap screen once and it should appear.
  3. When pass prints, it does not come to the front of the machine. The printer is recessed a little bit so you will have to reach into the machine a little to retrieve your pass. If pass does not print then call Security, machine may be out of paper.

If you require any assistance with the parking pass process, OR any issues arise that aren’t covered above, please call Security at 850-624-2215 and we will gladly assist.